Telephone & Switchboard Cables

Available other colour as per customers’ requirement.


Cables are generally made as per TEC specification no. GR/WIR-06/03. MAR. 2002, BSNL (DOT)


The conductor manufactured from pure electrolytic grade bright annealed bare solid copper conforming to IS: 8130: 2013 of diameter in 0.40 mm, 0.50mm.


Specially formulated high grade PVC Compound as per Type -2 of IS: 13176:1981 hard grade and capable of withstanding higher conductor temperature upto 70°C. Colour of Insulation is as per Table -2 of G/WIR – 06/02 and colour shades and conforming to IS: 9938.


1 Pair to 100 Pair.


“V-MARC” Telephone & Switchboard Cables designed for voice clarity and elimination of cross talk are most suitable for indoor use in large offices / residential buildings, hotels and industrials complex to provide interconnection of telephone and intercom systems, PBX and for interconnections of distribution frames, switching and transmission equipment.
The insulated cores of these cables are twisted to form a pair which is further connected with telephone switching lines to offer noise free audio signal. The structure of these cables makes them easy to connect, these are protected from interference and are capable of rectifying noise while offering clear audio signal.

Laying Of Pairs

The cables (laid up pairs) are tightly wrapped with polyester tape applied with an overlap of 30%. This facility is not available in single pair.

PVC Sheath

The laid-up pairs are further jacketed with grey colour, FR PVC compound having high oxygen Index suitable for 70°C continuous operation.


We Supply telephone cable in woven bags and cloth packing, longer lengths are available on request.