FRLSH Multistrand Cables

Available other colour as per customers’ requirement.



IS 694: FRLSH Category, IS 8130 & IS 5831


The Conductor is manufactured of pure electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper having very low resistance with more than 101% conductivity which makes it an excellent conductor of electricity, thus ensuring low energy losses.


FRLSH has special flame retardant, low smoke emitting and toxic fumes suppressing properties. The oxygen index of “V-Marc” Wires is minimum 32% which increases its efficiency in fire fighting. In case of fire, conventional PVC insulated wires give out thick black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This causes asphyxia, impairs visibility and thus hampers rescue operations. FRLSH emits very little smoke and toxic gases; it also retards the spreading of fire.


“V-Marc” Multistrand Wires range from 1.00 sqmm up to 300 sqmm.